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Friday, April 29, 2016
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Mon, Jun 25th 2012
No friggin way!


No shows scheduled at this time.




Not that many of them have web sites since it's ONLY the 21st century!

A few theatre places I perform with on occasion:

TVRT - local theatre group
DTC - local theatre group
STAGE ONE - local theatre group

A few long term friends: (Only people I've known over 10 years)

  • The Mohrs - Terry's been a friend since high school. But Lelsy is catching up. Though, I suppose since I'm still friends with Terry, he'll always have the lead — unless he goes into a coma for three years. Then Lesly will be equal in duration of friendship. I'm the Godfather of their daughter as well. Though, the only real responsiblity with that is remembering her birthday. August, I believe.
  • Corey Nelson - friend for many years now. She helped me get things rolling in the web design world. Plus, she was a cool boss for five years, too.
  • Karl Fischer - Disillusioned guy who thinks he's the Starcraft King.
  • Alan Downey - Think's HE'S the Starcraft King (must be something going around). Friend for over 25 years now. Lives out across a bridge somewherel. Has a Russian wife and an xBox. Tough mix, I know.
  • Dan Silberman - Another victim of the Starcraft disease.
  • Eric Thorson - Makes his money-making website was built by me! I've known Eric for over a decade now — even before his wife and two daughters. I think he owes me money.


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