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Saturday, April 30, 2016
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Mon, Jun 25th 2012
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My Hobbies

Hey, if I do it every few years, it STILL counts!

KARATE - I must say, I think I've spent over 14 years at the Livermore Kenpo Karate School. Things moved quickly up until brown belt. Then things sort of slowed down. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy it as much, or that it was too much harder. I just haven't had the right amount of time to dedicate to practicing. But I'm happy with where I'm at. It is good to have goals and move up in levels, yet I still think it's just as beneficial to just make sure and put in some time each week. I think the constant workouts over the years have helped to keep me thin and healthy. Plus the stretching comes in really handy for dancing. I will get to black belt someday. As soon as things slow down a bit. Well, hopefully before then. Update: got the black belt in 2011.

READING - About 12 years ago, I took up reading again. Er, well, I started reading anyway. Everyone should find time to read. I've gone through a number of modern books in the past few years, but now I'm mainly into the classics. See the reading reviews page for details.

SURFING - Alright, I haven't actually been out to the ocean in many years now. But I do still have the wetsuits, booties and surfboards. I really would like to return to the ocean and catch the big one once again, but working has hindered that plan. Surfing really is quite an invigorating sport. It does take a huge amount of strength and stamina to last out there against the powerful force of the ocean. I guess in a way, it's not unlike riding a bucking bronco, except you get really wet. Really, I think I'll just stick to snowboarding from now on. There's much less danger from sharks.

ART - I started drawing as far back as I can remember. I did about everything from comic strips to finger-painting. Computer art really was a bonus to me when it started growing. For now, I didn't have to buy expensive materials like air brushes and fancy pens. Now, I just have to buy expensive software and fancy CPU's. Anyhow, computer art allowed me to use my art background and get into web design. That's been a big plus for me. I can now get paid to do something I enjoy.

PIANO & GUITAR - After realizing that I was starting to become proficient in the art of being a jack of all trades and mastering none, I simply decided to forgo the guitar and use that time to practice piano. Yes, the dreams of starring in my own rock band are slowly fading, but the dreams of starring in my own piano concert are growing.

THE STOCK MARKET - Before playing the market very long back in 1998, I managed to lose quite a bit of money. Then I gained a bunch of money. Then I lost if again. So I feel like I'm really part of the gang now. Actually, I haven't lost too much and hopefully by the time you're reading this, I'll have made some money. I avoided the market for years, but after one small investment ($1,000, if that can be considered small), I was pretty much hooked on it. I guess it's similar to gambling though I just can't seem to get anyone to come around and serve me free drinks. Who's to blame on that one?

SNOWBOARDING - Yeah, I'm into that now. I will probably never go back to skiing, which isn't a huge loss cause I was always poor at it (and I had tried all of three times). Finding a new passion, I got myself a board, boots, and bindings. Best thing is I don't have to keep climbing up the mountain to retrieve lost skiis. I merely just roll a few times and continue boarding.


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