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Mon, Jun 25th 2012
No friggin way!


No shows scheduled at this time.



Latest News

"Latest" is a very relative term, but perhaps I'm somewhat caught up.

Mon, Jun 25th 2012

But yes, it's true. After over 10 years, the albums of my travels are done. The videos are there, the diary entries are there, and yes, believe it or not--the photos are there! Finally. I just set my mind to finishing it and I did just that.

Now, I'm of course behind on all my other things. Alas, alas.

Thu, May 10th 2012

Well, not much to say. A lot of work. A lot of work. Some play.

Sun, Jul 25th 2010

Well, I'm enjoying a nice summer. Still living in Pleasanton. La vie est belle.

Tue, Jan 19th 2010

Hey, only 7 months since I last updated this. Okay. Well, the master's is done. Taipei is done. School is done. A few shows were done. Ugh. I simply must update this more often.

Fri, Jun 19th 2009

Well, I've finished teaching for the year. They were good students. I will miss them. Right after leaving the class for the last time, I realized that.

In other news, my thesis appears to be approved by both professors, so I have to have it printed and bound this summer. Master's by August? I had no idea how many hours I would be putting into it--over 100 pages now.

My running is now up to 12 miles (painfully!).

Piano playing is going quite well. Almost ready to record.

French needs practice.

Karate going well. More frequent workouts this summer.

Sweet Charity is a BLAST! Each rehearsal gets wilder and wilder.

Dinner shows are going well. This summer will be busy with them.

Still need to illustrate my children's book.

Now, I can finish my main novel. What's it been? Six years now?

Tue, Feb 3rd 2009

It's now February...

Diary updated. Electronic review of the Garmin Forerunner 305 posted.


Sun, Jan 4th 2009

No shows right now. School starts tomorrow (Jan 5). Still working on the thesis and exit exam.

Sat, Jun 7th 2008

Well, Urinetown is about done, and after six months of rehearsing and performing, I'm ready for a break. On my site, I've updated the Portfolio page. It was getting outdated. I also updated the diary recently. In other news, summer is almost here. I'm going to work a lot and study as well. Perhaps I'll even be teaching in the fall.

Sun, Mar 2nd 2008

Iron Curtain goes well. Weight lifting going well. School goes...well. Life is good.

Fri, Dec 21st 2007

I'm on Christmas vacation! Doing more shows now. Feeling fine!

Fri, Aug 24th 2007

Well, Wonderful Town goes well. Most performances have been to near sell-out crowds. Great to have full crowds for a show that many have never seen. Good news for the future of musicals. People are learning that it isn't necessary to put on The Sound of Music over and over and over...and over.

Sun, Aug 5th 2007

We open soon. Buy tickets early. That is all.

Tue, Jul 10th 2007

Well, good luck getting tickets now, but I think some are left. For info, visit here: Saigon Info. That's about all. Now I start Wonderful Town rehearsals.

Mon, Apr 9th 2007

City of Angels done. Now have a little time where I might be able to make a diary update. School goes well. Work is busy. Yeah, life marches on.

Sun, Aug 20th 2006

Well, alright. After over four years, I've updated the website again. I guess I've just been busy. Moreover, I upgraded webhosts. The old hosting company had a nice staff, but they have just fallen too far behind in competitive services. Thus, I had to leave them behind. Mainly it's this: they offer 1 GB of storage. For the same price, Network Solutions offers 7 GB. That's a huge difference. Also, and it's big, is that my old company allows 25 GB of bandwidth (how many people can view how much stuff before getting charged more). Well, NS offers 150 GB! Even the $25 account only allows 100 GB. These things played a factor in me switching. But also, NS had bandwidth tracking and log analysis. I asked my old company about this. I was told to try renting a whole server and doing it myself. Yeah...buh bye.

In other news...hmmm....I think I'll use my diary for the rest. This is suppposed to be quick.

Tue, Mar 7th 2006

School is almost done. Who knows, maybe I'll even have that diploma this time. Work goes well. Dinner theatre goes great! Still reading a lot. Still seeing Marie, of course! Enjoying the Lexus. Thinking about Europe. Living in Pleasanton. No regular theatre right now. Some piano playing, but not a lot--just too busy. Missed the Oscars--they bore me. Got a new phone that plays music. Bought a new drawing pad for work. Bought a new backup hard drive, for backing things up. Bought a Bluetooth headset. Returned headset (didn't fit right).

Mon, Jan 2nd 2006

Diary updated. Wahoo! School starts this week. It's a new year. More dinner theatre coming up.

Fri, Oct 21st 2005

School's not done. Summer was AWESOME, but over. Fall is a little warm so far (yeah!). My show goes up next month. Work is great. I sleep sometimes.

Fri, Jun 10th 2005

I'm now involved with Beauty and the Beast. I finished school (I think).

Mon, May 2nd 2005

I moved. Enough said. Oh yeah, the diary is updated, too.

Wed, Feb 2nd 2005

I updated my diary page. Wahoo! And they said it would never happen. This month I have four mystery dinner shows. Two are at the Pleasanton Hotel. I might audition for Camelot next week. My backyard is a mess. The weather is getting nicer though.

Sun, Dec 5th 2004

School almost done. Work goes well.

Tue, Oct 26th 2004

School and work. That's what I've been doing. I also have done several dinner shows lately.

Mon, Sep 13th 2004

Finished a busy week. Did extra work on tv show. Did church sketch. Passed karate test. Saw Grease. Finally rested.

Thu, Sep 2nd 2004

Work goes great. No shows. Well, a few dinner shows. Tried acupuncture. Didn't really help my tweaked shoulder. Oh well. Testing for next karate brown belt level next week. School starting in three weeks. Extra work in TV show coming up this weekend.

Sun, Aug 1st 2004

Carousel is finished. School is on summer break. No current shows aside from dinner theatre. Several books finished recently. Some new photos taken.

Fri, Feb 13th 2004

Alright, the diary needs updating. I know, I know. I've just been so darn busy. Anyway, I'm doing a show at Las Positas College, I'm going to Cal State Hayward, and I'm working to pay the bills. Spare time is not exactly abundant right now. But I will have an update soon. In the meantime, read a novel. Better yet -- write a novel.

Sat, Jan 17th 2004

ikes! A new year has dawned. The biggest event for me has been my trip to London and Paris. I got some nice photos; though the only sunlight I saw was the morning we left the airport to return home. Nevertheless, I have much to write about. It should be done...eventually*.

* eventually = anytime after now.

Fri, Dec 26th 2003

Christmas is over. I've got a few days until LONDON! Paris should be fun too. I'll try to take lots of pictures.

Fri, Dec 12th 2003

Christmas is almost here. I'm done with my first quarter at Cal State Hayward too. Nice to have a break. No shows for now.

Fri, Nov 14th 2003

Finally, the diary is updated. Being busy with school, the diary does get behind. No show right now, only schoolwork and plans for London and Paris. Last year at this time, I was in class at the University of London.

Thu, Sep 4th 2003

Wizard of Oz has opened and is going great. School starts September 25th. I'm back at Channel 30 every week for a while. I'm teaching a voice class too. Busy busy.

Fri, Aug 8th 2003

Rehearsing for Wizard of Oz. Details to come. Reading "War & Peace". Last book: Oliver Twist. Latest movie: Spider (very slow; but very good).

Sat, May 3rd 2003

Cast collages are all online now. They can be viewed and ordered.

Fri, Apr 25th 2003

Things are going DATABASE. My book reviews and movie reviews are all DB driven now. And they've been updated.

Thu, Apr 24th 2003

Okay, Oklahoma! is now done. Was a great show and played to almost all full houses. But after 19 shows, it's nice to have the weekends back. I'm building an Oklahoma! site to show pictures, bios, etc. Should be done 'soon' .

Thu, Jan 2nd 2003

I'm doing another show - Oklahoma! It's at Hayward Little Theatre in Hayward and runs from March 21st - April 18th, 2003. More on that later. Oh yeah, and I play Will Parker.

The Crazy For You cast collage is done!

That's the scoop. The diary has more details. Well, it might.

- James

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