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Web Sites:

What do I do for a living? I design websites. After working as a web designer for a computer distributor in the Silicon Valley, a venture capitalist in San Francisco and an e-commerce company in Pleasanton, I decided to become an independent consultant. I now work on a one-to-one basis with my clients where I design, build, and maintain their websites. Some clients need an entire site built from scratch, while others simply need a graphic overhaul. A client may even need a database built with coding to present hundreds of items of inventory. Search engine optimization is another popular element I work on.

Both my BA and MA are in English. Thus, while I can assist companies with developing content, it's completely up to them. My feelings are never hurt if clients choose to write their own marketing material.

If you're curious to find out more, please contact me. I'm always ready to roll.

Site are broken down into groups:

Business & General Commerce Sites (19)
Consulting and Accounting Sites (4)
Dance, Theatre, and Entertainment Sites (5)
Other Sites of Interest (1)
Contributing Sites (1)
Past Clients (8)
Under Development (1)
Partners & Projects


Business & General Commerce Sites

Company: Best Label
Scope: Redesign
Site: www.bestlabel.com

Notes: Complete redesign of website, plus customer order placement section with ability to upload files for print jobs.

Company: Football Training Skills
Scope: Design and commerce system built
Site: www.footballtrainingskills.com

Notes: Not everyone gets the chance to build a football video site for a former NFL coach. Was a fun job!

Web Design: Crow Canyon Office Park

Company: Crow Canyon Office Park
Scope: Redesign
Site: www.crowcanyonofficepark.com

Notes: Built from the ground up, the site serves those who need to rent office space in the Bay Area.

Web Design: Skin Blends

Company: Western Grinding
Scope: Website redesign
Site: www.westerngrinding.com

Notes: Met with the customer and photographed the facilities. Site redesign features these images along with updated content and a new aesthetic look.

Web Design: Progressive

Company: Progressive Concepts
Scope: Redesign/DB Inventory
Site: www.progressive-concepts.com

Notes: We kept this design simple, polished and professional. A database feeds the hundreds of items of inventory. Online ordering was also revamped.

Web Design: Neon Sign

Company: NeonSign.com
Scope: Redesign and new database
Site: www.neonsign.com

Notes: Our first step was creating a database to feed thousands of items of inventory. The primary advantage of this site is the high search engine ranking. It comes in first out of millions of entries for "neon sign."

Web Design: Renaissance Fabrics

Company: Renaissance Fabrics
Scope: Redesign and new database
Site: www.renaissancefabrics.net

Notes: Special additions of this site allow the client to upload her own images to the server. The server then handles the thumbnail creation of the images. Plus, the client can add inventory via web pages.

Web Design: Archaeologia

Company: Archaeologia
Scope: Redesign
Site: www.archaeologia.com

Notes: We brought an Access database online and integrated online ordering. Customers can buy items and can safely submit credit card numbers.

Web Design: Sky Power Systems

Company: Sky Power Systems
Scope: Redesign/Transferred website
Site: www.skypowersystems.com

Notes: We redesigned this site to allow customers to get a clear view of the benefits of solar power. Visitors can view dozens of sample homes that have had solar panels installed.

Web Design: GeyserGuys

Company: Geyser Guys
Scope: Designed & built website
Site: www.geyserguys.com

Notes: After four years, Geyser Guys has just received its second graphical makeover. We now feature several different sets of pool toys and information on where to purchase them.

Web Design: Neon Mirrors

Company: Funhouse Collectibles
Scope: Designed & built e-commerce website for client
Site: www.neonmirrors.com

Notes: Time and content descriptions have helped this site climb to excellent levels on search engine rankings. It is database driven and the client has full control over: which items are active, pricing, and adding new products.

Web Design: Community Bank of the Bay

Company: ACIS Services
Scope: Redesigned website
Site: www.acisservices.com

Notes: A simple website, this redesign also incorporated keywords to achieve higher search engine results.


Web Design: Bonnie Gallup

Company: Lost Item Found
Scope: Created website
Site: www.lostitemfound.com

Notes: Built from scratch, this is an online order site where the client has full database control for reviewing and acting on orders.

Consulting and Accounting Sites

Web Design: Attaine

Company: Attaine
Scope: Redesign
Site: www.attaine.com

Notes: We worked closely with this client who had a solid understanding of how he wanted things to look. Good feedback helped us to create a satisfying design and navigation tree.

Web Design: BlueBack

Company: Blueback Corporation
Scope: Redesign
Site: www.blueback.us

Notes: This site serves to inform customers of the accounting procedures offered by the Blueback Corporation.

Web Design: Bonnie Gallup

Company: Bonnie Gallup
Scope: Created website
Site: www.bonniegallup.com

Notes: We client several different designs for this client and narrowed it down to a solid look for her website. Things are direct and to the point.

Dance, Theatre, and Entertainment Sites

Amador DanceXtreme

Company: Amador DanceXtreme
Scope: Redesigned website
Site: xtremeforcedanceco.com

Notes: Simple and clean, this site keeps students and parents updated on the latest school and performance information.

Web Design: ACLO

Company: ACLO
Scope: Redesign website
Site: www.aclo.com

Notes: ACLO has had many additions over the past few years. Tickets can be ordered online. Flash animations display photos loaded via an XML file. We also include photo galleries from past seasons.

Web Design: GibsonHouse

Company: GibsonHouse Mysteries
Scope: Redesigned website
Site: www.gibsonhouse.com

Notes: GibsonHouse has moved in or near the top ten for "Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre." DHTML navigation allow users to get anywhere in the site from anywhere in the site. We used a colorful and informative design.

Web Design: Triple Threat PA

Company: TripleThreatPA
Scope: Designed & built website
Site: www.triplethreatpa.com

Notes: After collecting some great photos of dancers, we redesigned the site to be vivid and dynamic. Careful keyword placement has helped it climb to a good level on Google, MSN and Yahoo!'s ranking system.

Web Design Spotlight AA

Company: Spotlight Arts Academy of Dance and Music
Scope: Designed & built website
Site: www.spotlightaa.com

Notes: Redesigned the website and built an online class signup system for students. Also dynamic is the online class schedule which interacts with the signup. Small online store was also implemented.

Web Design Spotlight AA

Company: Livermore Valley Opera
Scope: Redesigned & maintain website
Site: www.livermorevalleyopera.com/

Notes: Redesigned the website, keeping it updated with new operas and performer information.

Other Sites of Interest

Web Design: Kauai Vacation

Company: HeyJames - Kauai Photos and Diary
Scope: Designed & built website
Site: Kauai Information

Notes: This site is technically just a portion of HeyJames.com, but I wanted to demonstrate how photos can be integrated into an informational design.

Contributing Sites

There are a few other sites that I maintain or contribute to:

Web Design: Musical Theatre Works

Company: Musical Theatre Works
Scope: Maintain website
Site: MusicalTheatreWorks.org

Notes: None of the site design is my own. I simply took over as webmaster to maintain and update the site. One change was adding certain keywords to help the site rise on the search engine ranking charts.

Past Clients

Please Note: Since these are former clients, I don't actively maintain their websites. Thus, the design and/or content may have changed considerably since they discontinued from my services, or perhaps they stopped running a website altogether. Nevertheless, click on the SCREEN SHOT to see how my design was presented.

Web Design: Skin Blends

Company: Skin Blends
Scope: Redesign and database created

Notes: The Skin Blends website was in need of a complete makeover and that's what we gave it. Several hundred items of inventory were sent into a database to make online shopping simpler. An e-commerce system was built to allow ordering and credit card submittals.

Web Design: Tom Pico

Company: Tom Pico for Assembly
Scope: Designed website for Pleasanton Mayoral Campaign
Site: Election Over - site removed.

Notes: With the election over, the site was removed. But it was a good project and we used VeriSign to allow customers to donate to the campaign.

Web Design: Blue Mountain Air

Company: Blue Mountain Air
Scope: Redesigned website

Notes: Working with iTeknique.com, we created a clean new design for the company.

Web Design: Sensible Movement

Company: Sensible Movement
Scope: Created website

Notes: This design was begun by another and finished by myself. The pages offer information on the technique and services provided by the company.

Web Design: Gracer Medical Group

Company: Gracer Medical Group
Scope: Designed website template

Notes: This doctor's office was fun and interesting to do. I never maintained the site, so I only post the screen shot.

Web Design: Kim Krenik

Company: Kim Krenik
Scope: Designed & built website.
Site: KimKrenik.com

Notes: I no longer maintain the site, but since I'm fond of the original design, I do keep a screen shot of one page here. Special note: we created a flash player in the upper right which played song samples from albums. Users could turn it on or off.

Web Design: Kim Krenik

Company: Outlaw Image
Scope: Created website

Notes: They were a fascinating company, creating t-shirts and totem pole with fancy artwork.

Web Design: Kim Krenik

Company: Ideal Drying
Scope: Redesigned

Notes: I no longer maintain the site, but I did enjoy the design. They deal with sewage and water cleanup. It does seem like quite a candidate for America's Dirtiest Jobs.

Under Development

Web Design: Kauai Vacation

Company: Gibson Wedding Officiant
Scope: Built and maintained (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
Site: www.gibsonweddingofficiant.com

Notes: Built for a wedding officiant, this site targets certain keywords to generate leads in Northern California.


Partners & Projects

Partners, Companies and Past Clients I have worked with include:


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