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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Mon, Jun 25th 2012
No friggin way!


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More opinions than you can shake a stick at!

Now for something the web's really good for -- sharing information. My reviews are just opinions. Your opinion may differ from mine. If so, that's fine, your opinion is probably just wrong. You should get help for that.

I don't have time to review every blade of grass under the sun, so I'll just cover a few lawns.

1. Electronics - unless you're in produce, don't buy a lemon. I spent $2400 and 18 months later, I was using a Sony notebook computer as a paperweight.

2. Read any good books lately? I have. Seems like even a weak book is better than a good movie. Books have magic. Read. Read. Read.

3. Seen any good movies lately? I find that 90% of what Hollywood produces is garbage on celluloid. But there are some real gems out there. Support the good ones. Go to the movies today! Or rent them tomorrow! Or have someone else rent them and knock on their door and get invited in. Try to do it around dinner time. If you're lucky, they'll even be into eating kettle corn during the movie. Yeah!


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