A Fiddler on the Roof

Time: August 01, 1992
Place: Pleasanton Playhouse
Role: Fyedka
Director: Carol Hovey
My Reflections

I think Fiddler was my favorite and the most moving show I’ve done. It was a very memorable summer for me in ’92. And I almost didn’t even do the show.

Again, casting hadn’t gone to my liking. I was offered a part that I didn’t audition for. Since I hadn’t put ‘open’ on my audition form, I wasn’t obligated to take the part. Well, after going home and listening to the music, I realized I couldn’t pass up such a great show. The music was just too powerful. But before I had a chance to agree to the part, I was offered a different one instead. I took the offer. Fyedka was the role and a fun part it was.

Now the show itself contained a lot of drama but so did the life surrounding the show. During Fiddler, I finally had the opportunity to date a girl that I had been wanting to date for quite a long time. This normally wouldn’t cause much of a problem, however, in the show I got to know another girl, who I found myself also wanting to date. This complicated an otherwise peaceful show.

Girl 1 wasn’t in the show, but her sister was. This made it increasingly difficult to flirt with Girl 2. And Girl 2 did have a boyfriend. Girl 1 was also a bit elusive and dating her was not easy. It got really tricky when Girl 2 broke up with her boyfriend. Then I wanted to date Girl 2 more than ever. The worst night came when the cast was out to dinner and both girls were there. Fortunately, they sat at different tables. I was so bothered by this experience that I couldn’t even eat. I had once had a similar situation with two other girls and I ended up losing both girls. I knew the same thing was going to happen this time. – and of course, it did.

Girl 1 and I only dated a few times and it ended. Like I said, she was quite elusive. I never really knew where she was or what she did. But I knew that she was like that beforehand so it came as no surprise. Girl 2 and I saw each other for a while, but that ended a month after the show closed. And thus ended the big drama for Fiddler on the Roof. I guess there was a lesson to be learned in the whole experience, but alas, I didn’t learn it. I’d do the whole same thing again.

Oh, and getting back to the show. Fiddler turned out to be a big success with great reviews. We even added an extra performance to accomodate the large crowds. Playing Fyedka was an exciting thing as well. It had some solo moments singing and some good lines. I’d recommend Fiddler to anyone.

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