Into the Woods

Time: March 12, 1993
Place: Las Positas College
Role: Steward
Director: Ken Ross
My Reflections

When I see a show, I don’t ask for much. Just great singing, great acting, great dancing, great costumes and great sets. The first four things I can let slide to an extent but I’m particular about having great sets. There’s really no reason not to. I’ve seen some amazing things done with very little money. Shoot, I had to build a few small sets of my own for my own in-house studio. Into the Woods came off nicely done, but the sets, well, they were horrendous. I don’t mind people being creative once in a while, as long as things don’t look too cheap. But in this show? The trees consisted of huge pipes with holes in them and funny things sticking out. Trees didn’t come to mind when I first looked at them, in fact, trees never came to mind. They were just plain awful. I think even the backs for the different homes were just 4 feet wide. It was crazy.

Yet, the show went well. I played the Steward. It was a pretty corny role and reminded me greatly of Robin, the boy wonder. I liked doing the show, but for whatever reason, Into the Woods, isn’t one of my favorites. There was a lot more killing than I remembered in my fairy tales growing up.

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