Kiss Me Kate

Time: April 16, 1993
Place: Pleasanton Playhouse
Role: Hortensio
Director: Sid Cato
My Reflections

Taboo! The game had been out for quite some time and we were playing it at a party many moons later. Now "Kiss" was the word I needed my team to guess, but I couldn’t say the word. I also couldn’t say many other words that would help suggest Kiss. But the writers hadn’t been to musical theatre enough for the word "Kate" wasn’t on the ‘taboo’ list. I quickly blat out "BLANK ME KATE! BLANK ME KATE!" Lucky for me, Sherry was on the ball and returned the word "KISS!" We got the point! (You may not get the point, cause I really don’t have one. It was just a cute story)

I didn’t audition for Kiss Me Kate and that’s quite okay for me. I don’t care much for auditioning. I’d rather just have every great role handed to me. But that just doesn’t always happen. Although, this time it did. One of the actors couldn’t do the show after it had started rehearsing so they asked if I would take the part. I responded with my famous acceptance speech, "I’ll take it".

I played Hortensio. Kiss Me Kate is a fairly good show that does have some memorable music. It is also a bit corny, but that’s not uncommon in musical theatre. I liked doing the role, but there was a catch to the part – you had to wear tights. This was something new for me. I think the color was even pink. I didn’t invite many friends of mine to this show. As if the tights weren’t bad enough, I was quickly told that I could not be wearing briefs under the tights. I suggested boxers but that was a big negative as well. Nope, they told me to get a dance belt. A dance belt? I didn’t even know what a dance belt was but I must say, it was much different than any other belt I had ever worn. I guess it’s like a g-string. I got used to wearing it, but I sure did miss my briefs.

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