Time: January 21, 1994
Place: Pleasanton Playhouse
Role: Will Parker
Director: Carol Hovey
My Reflections

Will Parker was a part I worked very hard to get. I did about everything I could to prepare for that audition. And it went pretty well. I was bothered greatly when I didn’t get the role, but not surprised. Not much surprised me in theatre any more. They left the role open. I guess they wanted a huge dancer for the role and the choreographer didn’t have much faith in my dancing at that time. So I was out of luck.

Yet, a few days later, the director showed up at my house and did indeed offer me the role. I was ecstatic, gave my speech (you know the one) and took the role. It was my biggest role at that point and I had a blast doing it.

The dancing was tricky but nothing I couldn’t learn with enough practice. With the help of a few good friends, I was able to learn the dances without hurting any of the other actors. Oklahoma! also had its share of pretty cowgirls and one in particular caught my eye. We saw each other for a little while but nothing became of it. And she did have to go off to college. I never got a chance to give her an Oklahoma Hello.

For some odd reason, I wanted my backflip in Oklahoma!. Well, they agreed and during Kansas City, I flipped. It went successfully each time, but it was quite nerve-wracking. I had never performed backflips in cowboy boots before. Another interesting moment came during preview night when I finished Kansas City. They forgot to lower my wireless microphone after the number and sure enough I was offstage saying all sorts of things about how the dance went, and how I messed up a couple of steps but didn’t think the choreographer noticed. It was crazy.

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