Peter Pan

Time: May 20, 1994
Place: California Theatre Arts (CTA)
Role: Indian/Dancer
Director: John Call
My Reflections

I still didn’t consider myself much of a dancer but Peter Pan at CTA in Walnut Creek did need another dancer and asked if I would join their show. I agreed and began driving quite a ways out to Walnut Creek about every evening to do Peter Pan.

I played an Indian and a very special part – 3rd tree from the left. I actually really did want to be that tree because now I can always tell people that I once played 3rd tree from the left. The show was okay. It’s probably a bit more fun for kids to watch than adults but the sets were fabulous. I’d never seen such detail and nice design work in a set before. I heard they had spent about ,000 on the sets. I don’t know if it’s true, but it did seem pretty believable. The sets were nice!

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