West Side Story

Time: October 22, 1994
Place: Pleasanton Playhouse
Role: Baby John
Director: Carol Hovey
My Reflections

I auditioned for West Side Story, but didn’t get the part I wanted. This was becoming the norm for me and Pleasanton Playhouse, but that’s the way show business is. They offered me a part as a Shark instead. I was working out in Redwood City at the time and that was going to be quite a long drive to be a Shark (not that there’s anything wrong with being a shark). I declined the role and wasn’t going to do the show. Well, that changed. (Which, yes, is obvious because I’m writing about it today.)

They still needed a Baby John. They offered me the part and I said the usual. I did like the show, except the dancing was a bit tough though. There were a lot of peers in the show, but quite a different variety of people.

Two funny events did occur though. One was mainly funny for me. Everyone was arm wrestling before the big diner scene in Act II. So I joined the fun. I didn’t want to lose so I did my best and struggled with every ounce of strength. Well, that just about killed my arm and I did lose the match. But we had to right up on stage afterwards. The scene was beginning. Unfortunately, my arm was quite drained, and in a large amount of pain. I couldn’t move the thing. It just hung there in agonizing pain. I think a few people sensed something was wrong, but all I could do is just grimace and continue the scene.

The next time we did the scene, an actor was in the bathroom and didn’t make it on stage in time. But he had some big lines to say. We tried to work around it but the situation was becoming funnier and funnier. People were trying not to break, but it wasn’t working too well. I think the lights even started flickering as well. I guess everything was laughing that night. It was a blast!

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