The Matchmaker

Time: November 10, 1995
Place: Las Positas College
Role: Ambrose
Director: Ken Ross
My Reflections

I hadn’t been out to LPC in some time but they were doing a funny comedy – The Matchmaker. So, I got out there and auditioned. Sherry did the same. And we both made it into the show – as two people madly in love with each other.

I played Ambrose Kemper and she played Ermengarde. We had a great time doing that show and shared a lot during that time. If you’re not aware of it, The Matchmaker is the play from which Hello Dolly! is taken. There’s a big restaurant scene in Act II where Dolly is eating a lot of food. Each night, after the scene, the table would be taken out stage left and there some of us would be waiting to raid the table. It usually had all sorts of good food left on it. We grabbed what we could eat and filled our faces. Ah, it was sweet! There was usually some sparkling cider left as well. Of course, the big challenge was to finish eating the food before you had to return on stage.

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