The Little Foxes

Time: October 20, 1991
Place: Las Positas College
Role: Leo
Director: Ken Ross
My Reflections

Ah, one of my most fondly remembered moments of my theatre history is in ‘The Little Foxes’ when my character’s father asks me "Did you take the bonds?". I had been denying the thefts for several times now, but then decided that it was good to tell the truth. I have to say, it was a lot of fun getting a good laugh at that point. It was my first really big laugh in a drama. I must say it’s pretty cool.

I had fun with the part that I got in the show. Yes, it wasn’t exactly the part I wanted when I auditioned, but I still made the most of it. Even to this day, I still don’t usually get the part I want most. But that’s probably cause I usually want the biggest part in the show. Go figure.

Foxes was my fourth show at Las Positas College, but I was yearning to try other theatre groups as well. That’s when I auditioned for Pleasanton Playhouse and my feet started tappin’ (actually, they didn’t tap at all in the first show, but many feet around me did).

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