Sin in the South

Time: June 05, 1998
Place: Crosswind's Church
Role: Snively Lowdown
My Reflections

I had never done a melodrama before and was excited to get the chance. Crosswind’s Church was doing "Sin in the South". It looked like a lot of fun so I joined the show.

I played Snively Doolittle, the villain. It was a good part, but did get a lot of boos. But in that case, I guess boos were a good thing. I suppose playing a villain, you never really know if people like your performance or not. I guess you can just always assume they do (must make a note – play more villains). Another great thing about melodrama is that no one every says "You’re overacting the part!". Ah, life is good in those situations. We performed for two nights to a very receptive crowd. They seemed to enjoy the show and even booed during my curtain call. But booing is good, must keep telling myself that (Booing is good, booing is good).

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