Time: October 20, 1998
Place: Pleasanton Playhouse
Role: Harry Beaton
Director: Carol Hovey
My Reflections

It’s the Scottish play that you can actually name onstage without other actors freaking out and going into hysterical un-jinxing dances.

Some people can’t stand the show. But I find that once you hack off 5 minutes of the dreadfully long and boring monologue that finishes act I, you’ve got a great show.

Auditions came. It was the normal pattern. I really wanted Part A, highly wanted Part B, and would accept Part C.

If you guessed part C, you’re starting to figure out my life. Yeah, it was Harry Beaton, which I think is the best actor role for the show. But A and B were what I wanted. I thought the audition went fine and figured I had a good shot a Part B (Charlie), but the crew felt otherwise and it was left open. A few days later, more people auditioned for it and it was finally cast.

Brigadoon was a great show to be a part of. The sets were fabulous and the cast was strong. My brother Andy was able to be in the show as well. So we all had fun being in Scotland in 1700 and something.

Much of my offstage time was spent doing character improvs. Bonnie Jean was helpful in agreeing to this. I believe it helped a lot. When she wasn’t around, I just spent time getting into the character and emotions.

The sword dancing wasn’t too hard. Sure, I stressed over it, but that was the norm for me. With no songs to fret over, I could devote my time to only stressing about remembering all the dance steps.

We rehearsed for two months and then performed for three weeks. After our Scottish romp in the woods closed, one word came to mind.


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