Pirates of Penzance

Time: January 21, 2000
Place: Pleasanton Playhouse
Role: Sergeant
Director: David Sikula
My Reflections

I first saw Pirates over 8 years ago. In fact, the first thing I watched was the movie with Kevin Kline and Linda Ronstadt. I was getting ready for the Las Positas College auditions. I remember playing the music late at night and singing the Sergeant’s songs. I wasn’t counting on getting the role of the Sergeant, but I did like the music.

Looking back, I can’t even remember if I auditioned for that show. I know I wasn’t in it, but I did see it a few times. I think I ended up doing a Pleasanton Playhouse show around the same time. I can’t remember which Playhouse show either. Boy, I can’t seem to remember anything. I really should start writing these things down.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the LPC production of the show. It was quite entertaining. So when Pleasanton Playhouse announced they were doing Pirates, I knew I had to at least think about auditioning a little bit. That may sound a bit strange. Why wasn’t I dying to audition? Because Pirates was following another show I had just finished and wasn’t going to allow me a break from performing. Usually breaks aren’t too important. I’ve somewhat learned to live without sleep, food, and a life outside the rehearsal hall, but things were getting too overwhelming. I had the Nutcracker, the dinner theatre, some church sketches, and now I was going to add another show to the schedule? Plus, at the time, I was engaged and did need to devote some time to my fiancee. A show was not the best thing for me. However, it’s a show. I’m an actor. And the need to perform often outweighs common sense and sanity. I auditioned.

At auditions, I only put the part of Frederick down as what I was auditioning for. I figured the Pirate King was way out of range; and the Sergeant as well. Not unlike the past, I was called back for a part I didn’t audition for — the Sergeant. I was a bit shocked when seeing the callback sheet. Not about getting called back for a part I didn’t write down, like I said, I’m well used to that game. But the Sergeant’s songs were just so low – or so I thought. His songs involve such a character voice that they aren’t too hard to sing despite their low range, for the most part that is, some verses are just too darn low.

Needless to say, I did get the part and accepted it. I would just have to postpone my break until after this show. The rehearsal period was in fact very light at first and did get some free evenings. Of course those evenings were gobbled up by other events. But still it was nice. Er, I guess it was. One downside was a lot of waiting around. That’s never too exciting. However, I did have a good book to fill the time. And before I knew it, Pirates was getting ready to open.

Pirates was fun to do, although quite a bit tiring. Aren’t they all though? I would post more pictures from the show except an unfortunate hard disk failure caused me to lose most of my pictures. Digital camera’s are great, unless you procrastinate backing up your files for too long.

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