A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Time: August 10, 1990
Place: Las Positas College
Role: Protean
Director: Ken Ross
My Reflections

A funny thing happened on my way through college – Las Positas College. I had decided that acting classes needed to be in my college schedule. I mean, they were pretty fun and pretty easy. And there were many pretty girls who were pretty fun and…(just kidding). Well, the next step was of course to try out for a musical. Although, I didn’t really sing, I didn’t let that stop me. It wasn’t as much that I couldn’t sing, I just didn’t sing. I just wasn’t one of those people who went around town singing songs. My audition song was "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head." I thought it went pretty well, although the director and musical director may disagree. Still, I got in the show. The comedy began.

An actor always remembers their first show. And I’ll never forget…uh, let me think, oh yeah, ‘Forum’. We rehearsed throughout the summer. There was a party every so often. And I dated my first "girl from a show", Kristen. Now dating girls from the same show is fun, but can be a bit risky. With me being so young at the time, and the same for Kristen, it was a bit of a wild ride. I’ve learned a lot of things since then. Mostly, what NOT to do.

Forum opened in August of 1990 if memory serves correctly. That was a bit of time ago. I do distinctly remember being nervous before the curtain opened. In fact, my first appearance was where I stuck my head through the curtain to sing a line or two. I’d never been so nervous about popping-my-head-through-and-curtain and-singing-a-line before in my life. But that wasn’t something I did every day.

The show played for two weeks to medium-sized audiences. I’m referring of course to the amount of people in the theatre and not their average height. I don’t remember their average height, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t very tall….hmmmm. The parties were a blast and I even threw one of my own. It was very educational. I learned that if a party member does happen to drink too much and pass out, a cup of water thrown in the face (throw the contents, not the cup) will usually wake that person up. But they most likely will not be very happy about it. I really do hope she’s forgiven me by now.

After Forum, I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to do my next show. And that came right afterwards for the college was doing another show, a drama. Ah, a drama — no singing, no dancing, and come to think of it, hardly any lines for me.

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