The Hothouse

Time: October 19, 2002
Place: University of London
Role: Lamb
Director: Harry Brunjes
My Reflections

I was on a break! Yeah, or so I thought. Before heading to London, people would ask me, “Are you going to do any theatre over there?” And I’m thinking, “what? Are you crazy? There won’t be any time for theatre.” But surely enough, I soon found myself in London, auditioning for a show. It was a small play being done at the university of London. A few of the other students knew I was into acting. They had watched me volunteer to help demonstrate a scene from Romeo and Juliet during our tour and class at the Shakespeare globe theatre. No wait, they had volunteered me for the scene. At any rate, a few days later, they came to me with a flyer and said we were all going to audition for she show. The title was called The Hothouse. An English author wrote it. Only the time came and only Heather and I had decided to audition. Everyone else chickened out. No big deal.

I ended up getting cast in the show. We had only a few rehearsals; which was quite different that back in the States. The pacing over there was also quite different. You can take your time with every scene. I found that to be quite nice. But it was hard to get used to. For the longest time, the director kept telling me to slow down with the material.

Yes, I did get electrocuted. Well, it was simulated, but quite a fun to scene to do. It was very odd as well. The audience responded rather nicely to the quirky writing of Harold Pinter. The people I lived with even came and saw the show. They liked it as well. Overall, it was a great experience and it’s nice to have London on my resume now.

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