Ah, Wilderness

Time: March 10, 1991
Place: United Asbury Church
Role: Arthur
Director: Chuck Johnstone
My Reflections

After my first two shows and with drama being so much fun, I didn’t want it to stop. I needed another show. I asked around trying to find acting work. It’s not as if it paid or anything, I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to find a show in need of an actor. Through a good tip, I found it – Ah, Wilderness. This play was being done by United Presbyterian Church in Livermore. I joined them as they had lost one of their actors and needed a part filled. It was a simple part and I enjoyed doing it. I believe I played Authur, the college kid.

It was an enjoyable experience. I even carved my own prop. I needed to have a pipe for the show, so I drew one on paper, got some wood and carved it out. I still have that pipe today. Wilderness was also the first show where I sang solo in front of an audience.

We played for 2 nights and that was that. It was pretty quaint but still fun to do. After a little time off, I was ready for my big summer show…

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