Children of Eden

Time: August 19, 2011
Place: Neighborhood Theatre Group
Role: Cain/Japeth
Director: Faith Blevins
My Reflections

The Call

This was another one that I didn’t audition for. Not sure why. Maybe I had the insane idea of aking the summer off, perhaps doing some traveling. At any rate, a phone call came and I was offered the role. Hurray! Those are the best kids of roles.

The Role

I didn’t know the show. I just knew it was biblical. I was offered Cain/Japeth. They‘re different, but kind of the same. Some songs were involved, including a nice love ballad. Ah, fun. Who doesn’t love singing about love?

The Cast

There were some new faces, but mostly people had worked with before. It was nice to be back among them.

The Rehearsals

For any 3Crosses show, the rehearsal schedule is sweet. They keep the schedule light every week until it gets close to opening.

The Set

This was impressive, or at least the Ark was. It was elevated above the stage and could dip and rise according to the ocean currents. I was glad to see such a fancy set piece. Those types of things really help a show.

The Rain

Another nice addition was the rain in Act II. Water came down and it poured! However, water also makes for a slippery stage, and finally, one night, my Yonah slipped completely as we were running to reach the gangplank. I had her hand so it wasn’t too bad, but still…no one could miss that one. Noah really should have posted signs around the Ark: “No running when the deluge comes.”

The Audience

We had great crowds, and it’s a very large house to fill (1200 seats?) I’m not sure we ever sold out, but I’d rather a show is near full and people aren’t ever turned away, even though it’s nice to know that every seat is taken.

The Comradery

One of the best aspects of doing a show there is the friendliness amongst the cast. People are warm and friendly from the first cast meeting until the closing show.

The Missing Brick

So one night, I’m about to go onstage in the first act, and I realize that my brick has not been preset. I suppose that’s my job, but sometimes jobs get forgotten. Actually, it’s rare for me to do that, but it does happen–and did. I noticed my error about 40 seconds before going on. I might have been able to run around, find the brick, and put it just offstage, but I also might have missed my entrance too. It was safer to let it go.

So I ran on, did the scene, and when it came time to kill Abel (I’m not spoiling this, I hope), I just used a cupped palm and tried not to damage the back of his head. I guess it worked since Abel still died.

Funny thing is that now that I think about it, the last time I forget a prop was during Beauty and the Beast at 3Crosses. However, since that was a prop that someone else places. Still, I guess I could have double-checked for it to be in place which did henceforth).

The Patience

There were several nights of sitting around, which I don’t mind. In fact, those occasions are nice because it forces me to get away from the computer and do something else–like reading or writing. I try to be always prepared just in case. One night, the music director verbalized his appreciation for me never complaining about just sitting around during rehearsals, but it really wasn’t necessary. It’s all part of being on the team. I don’t need to be used every second I’m there.

The Dancing

The last big number was ain’t it great. It was a gospel like number and I didn’t really sing much in it, but the director wanted us energized somewhat, so I did exactly that. It started off small; it really did, but then during tech week, I just kept ramping it up, figuring I’d eventually be told to tone it down or knock it off. Well, that note never came, so from opening to closing, I was “getting down” big time.

Turns out that the director hadn’t actually noticed this addition until the post-show viewing of the show, when she then realized where these extra laughs were coming from. I was told there was a bit of a gasp from her. I got an email the next day.

She wasn’t mad, but rather amused by it all. I was just shocked she hadn’t ever noticed it. I mean I was standing NEXT TO the principal singer in that piece. How does one not see a crazy gospel dancer?

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