A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (2)

Time: April 20, 1992
Place: Pleasanton Playhouse
Role: Protean
Director: Dan Ferrari
My Reflections

I had the strange feeling that I’d done this show before. And that largely stemmed from the fact that I had done this show before. I don’t know what I was thinking in wanting to do Forum a second time. I mean it’s not too bad of a show, but not something worth doing twice in one lifetime. I guess I figured I could get a bigger part the second time and hey, it was a different theatre group.

I got offered the same part as the first time I did the show. I still decided to do the show. I guess I was attracted to a few of the girls cast in the show. I do have pretty bad reasons for doing shows sometimes, but at least they’re consistent. Forum was pretty much the same as it was the first time. I guess using the same script tends to have that effect. I enjoyed it even less the second time doing it.

Partly through the show, I did have a chance to exit the musical. I twisted my foot pretty bad doing flips off of a trampoline at a dance studio. I needed to use crutches for several weeks and that greatly affected my ability to do Forum. But I was already committed to the show and knew I’d be better in time for opening so I stayed in the show. I basically just kept hobbling from one area of the stage to the other. My foot wasn’t completely healed by opening night, but I found that that’s what pain killers were for. Fortunately, I didn’t develop an addiction to pain killers as I had the addiction for theatre. In fact, I don’t mind a little pain, I just haven’t got time for it.

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