42nd Street (2)

Time: October 20, 1992
Place: Pleasanton Playhouse
Role: Protean
Director: Marc Howard
My Reflections

They’re doing it again?" was my first thought when hearing about the return of 42nd street. Now, it was a great show and pretty much sold out the first time played earlier in the year. But I wasn’t so sure a second time would be as popular. I also had another show that I wanted to do, so I didn’t join up the second time. Anyone who wanted their original roles got them. Of course, I was assuming I was going to get my "Mac" back and not the Piano Mime back, but still I wanted to do another show.

Fortinbras was being done out at Las Positas College and I took an interest in that. I auditioned and got cast. But absent-mindedly of me, I had never taken a real close look at the script. After studying the part, I realized that it really wasn’t something I was comfortable doing. I then learned to always review a show before auditioning for it. There’s usually a way to get the script ahead of time somewhere. Well, I had to turn down the part. The director was not very happy about that. But I did apologize and that was about all I could do. The community college that I had started out doing shows at was heading a different way at that time. The future shows would be a bit more contemporary there. Which is not surprising since it is a college, but it doesn’t leave much for a conservative actor. I knew I’d probably be waiting some time before another old fashioned show was done there. I had to look somewhere else for my dramas.

42nd street was well underway at the time I left Fortinbras but they did still want me in the show. My part had been given away by that time and I think even the Piano Mime had already been cast, but that was probably for the best. I just couldn’t go back to being a Piano Mime – ever! But they did need more male dancers and I was male (and still am!) so I joined the group.

I learned several of the dancers but never "The Audition". That was the big opening tap number. I found it was just so much easier to stand offstage and splash a lot of water on my face, wait for the dance to end, and sneak into the crowd panting and weazing like everyone else who had danced their hearts out. It was so much easier that way. I’d recommend it to anyone.

42nd Street did well the second time but nowhere near as well as the first time. Audiences had seen the show too recently before. It just didn’t have the same glitter the second time around. Again, I said I wouldn’t do the same show a second time (at least not that closely spaced).

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