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Italy Discovered

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England First

England–my first voyage out of the States. And it was a great one. I also fell in love enough with the city of London to return a couple years later as a student. Be careful with Lodon–it’s addicting!
Rome Day One

Rome begins! This city amazed me at every turn. I was snapping away, left and right, and up and down…
Rome Day Two

Sure, one can’t see Rome in a day, but on day two, you’d be amazed at how much we managed to see.
Rome Day Three

One has to find a place up high to capture the sunset in Rome, but it can be done. The coliseum at night also makes for some nice photos.
Venice Day Two

Yup, Venice floods. However, it’s pretty exciting when it does.
Rome Day Five

This is when we saw St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Sistine Chapel. Both are fascinating places. I could have taken photos for hours there.
Venice Day One

Venice is a photographer’s dream. San Marco plaza, the canals, the world-famous glass. All of it is there for the taking (of photos, that is). Take a canal boat ride and you can shoot the buildings sinking into the water. It’s amazing.
Rome Day Four

There’s almost nowhere in Rome to go without there being a great photo moment. Of course, after time, all the ancient pillars and statues start to look the same. Better shoot fast before complacency sets in.