Travel Photos

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A List

With 17 days of vacation, there were many photos. I narrowed them down a lot.
Leaving Home

Shoes and the Seat

Stockholm is a clean, friendly city.
Sweden Again

Another day of hopping around town.

A ferry ride across the sea got us to Finland.
Torku Again

Two days to see it all.

A train ride led us to the big city.
Helsinki Again

One more day in the capital.

Quaint little town and great to explore in good weather.

Near the water–well, it’s all near water up here.
Lappeenranta Again

Exploring the vicinity.

Alas, alas. Rain and clouds.
London Cathedral Day

Another cathedral to explore.
London War Rooms

Finally, I reach the War Rooms.
London Kew Gardens

Finally, I visit Kew Gardens.
London Theatre

Exploring the city and seeing shows.
London and the Castle

Mission accomplished: I visit Highclere Castle
London Famous

Iconic sights during the day and night.
London Town

Departing day and the flight home.