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Study Abroad – London

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Haunted London

This spooky night walking tour was a lot of fun.

My first performance in London. It was great fun. I left most of the photos up because they haven’t been posted anywhere else…ever!
Imperial War Museum

Planes and guns. Who could ask for anything more?
James Bond Exhibit

Overpriced, but sort of cool.
Kew Gardens

I suppose that’s a misnomer since I never actually entered the gardens.
Night Time

London has much to see at night. The tours are fantastic.

It was heck getting out there, yet very rewarding and somber.
Old England Architecture

Sometimes, I just photographed the buildings. They posed well.

Totally worth a day trip. Step back in time. Step into places where great thinkers once roamed.
Paris Part I

My first time in Paris and France. Wow. Just…wow.
Paris Part II

A weekend in Paris. You simply must try it.
Rainy Days

Ah, London rain. It didn’t stop me.
Royal Ballet

The best dance performance I’ve ever seen. The music was top-notch as well.

We didn’t see Nessie, but she was down there. We’re sure of it!
St. James Park

So many animals, so little time.

Ah, the birthplace (and death place) of Shakespeare. (And his wife!)
Tower Bridge Night Trip

It’s great at night.
Tower Bridge Day Trip

It’s great in the day.
Tower of London

No photos of the Crown Jewels. Sorry.
Walking Downtown London

It’s never a dull event.
The A List

If you just want to see the best.

What’s not to like? This city actually has more that what it’s commonly known for.
Greenwich and Buckingham Palace

No Queen for us on that day. She sent her regrets.
Home and British Museum

Traveling around town. And these places are FREE!
Random London

Sights around town. So much to do, so little time.
Golden Hind

Hard to get onboard this little ship.