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One of two main reasons to hit Central Europe was to make a pilgrimage here. It was somber, but worth it.

Vienna is a terrific and large city. Beforehand, I just figured I’d get off the train and be in the heart of a little town (Fussen was like that). So it turns out that it’s a pretty darn big city—with lots of great places for photos. The falling snow, however, was NOT expected. I froze, but just a little.

My main purpose of the trip was this place of old baths. It was an exciting experience, and quite relaxing. I wouldn’t mind just spending two weeks in a town like this to visit the baths every morning and explore the town during the rest of the

I only spent a couple of hours here, but it was enough to get a feeling of the place. I liked it.

This is the other half of Auschwitz. It’s where the infamous trains rolled in and the infamous doctor pronounced his life or death sentences. The rubble of the destroyed towers remains today.
Food and Transport

Sometimes, it’s just fun to record where I slept and what I ate. And yeah, something there wasn’t much sleeping…or eating.

Having a friend in this town made it a great stop through Switzerland. I got some history behind the town and got to try proper Fondue.

Fussen is the stopping point for Castle Neuschwanstein. It’s simliar to a small Tahoe-like village, complete with snow.

I didn’t really enjoy this city too much. I guess I will have to try it again someday, hopefully on someone else’s dime.

I recommend this city. It has a castle and plenty to do and explore.
Kriminal Museum

Alas, I didn’t have much time to check this place out, but found it pretty interesting. They documented their torture methods well, so one can really learn how orders of torment were carried out.

Ah, the “Disney” castle. It has some great history behind it, with a mad king and everything. Research it today!

Well, the bridge had construction going on. That killed a few photos, but it was still fun to explore. I think my feet were in agony from all the days of hitting towns during the day and sleeping on trains at night. I was really wearied.
Prague Cathedral

I can’t miss a castle. I can NEVER miss a castle.

Europe best-preserved medieval city. It’s highly worth a visit. It’s like going back in time. And you can climb the outer wall which still protects the city and keep watch for invading armies. Don’t spend too much time, though. There aren’t many armies invading Germany nowadays.
Rothenburg at Night

At night, this town is eerie and marvelous.
Salt Mine of Krakow

Do NOT miss this tour if you’re ever in Krakow–or Poland for that matter. It takes you way down into the earth and has amazing things to see and learn about.
The A List

If time is short, then check out these photos only.