Travel Photos

Taipei and Asia

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Hong Kong

And this was all because of an extended layover.
Around Taipei

More walking around the city.
New Year’s Eve

Another fantastic NYE with friends.
Hanoi Day 1

Hanoi during the first day, where we learned how to no longer fear traffic anarchy.
Ha Long Bay

It was a long journey to reach this place, but the views were jaw-dropping.
Hanoi – The Return

Back to Hanoi for one last evening in the city.

Notably, we only have photos during the day.
One Night in Bangkok

There wasn’t too much time to explore Bangkok, but a day was better than nothing.
The Gardens

We returned to the gardens for some fun photoshoots.

The city of lights (well, lanterns).

This town is pretty amazing. Lots of little things to see and do.
Strike Night Club

We return back to the club scene. Luckily, I wasn’t thrown out for taking videos of the stage dancers.
The Temple

Another intriguing temple to explore and you can’t beat the price.
Hot Pot

Got to do the hot pot! Must hot…pot!
Taipei Floral Expo

Oddly, this is probably the dullest gallery, and yet the biggest.
Grass Hill

Grass hill was AWESOME! This was the ultimate outdoor adventure in exploring!