Travel Photos

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Air / Space Museum

The Air/Space museum includes pictures of some mighty fine aircraft. I saw the Concorde (small inside), Air Force One, and some cool planes of the first and second World Wars.
Around Seattle

Got to see the Microsoft Campus and Pike’s Market. One shot includes the vendor throwing the fish, but it’s hard to make out.
Flights in and out

I always try for a window seat. That way I can get some cool shots of the cities we fly over. This time I got PacBell Park and the Golden Gate Bridge, plus downtown SF. Oh yeah, if you recognize the third big landmark, then I might need to unfriend you, pending some serious questions being answered.
King Tut Exhibit

I simply can’t work on this directory without starting to sing Steve Martin’s famous song about the dead Egyptian Pharaoh.
Underground Seattle Tour

This tour is pretty darn cool. Check it out the next time you’re in town.
Washington Waterfall

The hike is easy and the view of the waterfall is great.
Science Museum

The blinded me with science. Well, this place wasn’t blinding, but it was still fun.