Web Design & Database

A Brief Overview

Front-end programmer, though PHP and MySQL too. 

So What Do I Do?

Frontend to Backend programming. Frontend design and content production, covering marketing and SEO.

  • WordPress Sites
  • Database Design and Integration
  • Any and All Custom Programming


  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Blender
  • GitHub
  • Microsoft Office
  • Sublime
  • WordPress

Languages & Coding Structures

  • API (RESTful) 
  • AJAX
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • jQuery
  • mySQL
  • XML

Complementary Skills

  • Alexa Skill Creation
  • Google Chrome Extensions
  • 3D Modeling




Projects of Note

Alexa Skill Creation: Calorie Entry App — Nothing flashy or fancy, but it does allow for database entry via an Alexa skill.

Workout Data Entry Tool — I needed something 100% custom-built for my workouts, as I use a very particular method. So this application does the trick perfectly.

Raspberry Pi Data Entry Kiosk — Developed with Python, this kitchen unit allowed for data entry into a mySQL database. The device was retired due to devices like Amazon FireHD being far cheaper to adapt and incorporate.

Custom PDF Creator —  A former company of mine needed a way to add custom logos in customizable position, and have them merge into template PDF documents, thus resulting in a final document for their clients. This was accomplished with a tool I built for them.

Calorie Entry App — Still in development, but this tool will be used at CalCalCal.com for users to enter and track calories.

QR Code Generator (on Avery label PDF sheet) — This video covers an application built to print out QR codes to allow for calorie tracking.

Chrome Filters — Two main filters lend assistance to web surfing. One is called ADS for Ad Disposal Service that removes keywords and iframe elements from websites. (iFrames can be whitelisted when necessary.) The second filter converts clickbait galleries into one long vertical list, saving endless clicking.

Website Creations

GibsonHouse — A murder mystery website I’ve been managing for 18 years. 

iTeknique — This work involved using a WordPress template as a start, and then customizing it to reflect the individual client identity and brand. It was simply, yet effective.

xTreme Dance Force — As a template can serve as a great starting point, the basics can be transferred to a multitude of clients. This site reflects those concepts.

Sample Law Firm — using another template, the potential client site was built to serve a law office type need.

Former Clients

The following list is of former clients, which involves either web programming or database design. Notably, many clients are trained to take over and manage their own sites, so the design has shifted from its original creation.