So Many Hours in Class

Here’s the rundown (so far):

Master’s Degree in English (awarded September, 2009) – Cal State University, East Bay

Master’s Thesis — It’s somewhat wordy, I must confess. My exit exam was in Renaissance Literature–hence, the reason my thesis was not. The title is “THE NECESSARY INVERSION OF ENACTING JUSTICE IN THE HARRY POTTER SERIES,” and it covers the inverted judicial depictions within Harry Potter and other young adult novels, drawing from theories by Aristotle, Horace, and Sir Philip Sidney. Eventually, I’ll convert it into a Reader’s Digest version.

Bachelor’s Degree in English (Creative Writing Option) – Cal State University, East Bay
After a long period in the work force, I returned to college and finally finished my degree. How I decided on English, I have no idea, but it’s certainly been worth it.

AIFS Study Abroad (London, 2002) – Diablo Valley College overseas program
Some even bet me that I wouldn’t sign up, but sign up I did, and I was soon flying across the pond for a semester in London. Academically, I probably didn’t learn too much, but the experience was one of the best in my life. They still have the program, though the costs are much higher now.

A.A Degree (General Education) – Las Positas College
Along with the dance, acting, and music classes, I finally managed to complete enough units for the AA Degree. I do sometimes miss the simpler times of my LPC days, when life was nothing more than worrying about working and studying for finals. But caveat lector–it can be a quagmire. Don’t get stuck for too many years.