My Disclaimer

Something no home should be without!

(This is over 10 years old, but it’s still valid…)

Very recently, an old friend of mine got back in contact with me. I told her about my site and she visited it. I then got an email telling me some interesting things. She felt my site was a vanity showcase and explained how weird I was. One quote was “I have never met anyone as absorbed with themselves as you?” Needless to say, this disturbed me enough to post a disclaimer about my site.

My site is not meant to be a vanity showcase. It’s a place for friends, family, and even myself to find out what I’m doing and what I’ve done. Yes, it does feature me, but I think that’s due to the fact that I’M doing the work on it. I suppose I could maintain a site called or but I don’t think I have enough info or pictures about either of those two people to start a web site and I don’t think they’re going to pay me to do it. If I’m going to work for free, I may as well work for me. Maybe that’s a bit “self-absorbed” but I do some volunteer work, too. It’s so hard to please everyone. Maybe I just need a nice nap.

So that’s my disclaimer. If you like the site, then take your shoes off and stay a while. If not, then don’t slam the door on the way out (the glass breaks easily). If you ever start to see things like “VISIT HEYJAMES.COM AND SEE THE MOST TALENTED GUY ON EARTH!” on my site, or if you notice me renaming the site to “here’stheworld’,”* then by all means send me some email telling me I’ve gone way way past that “self-absorbed” line.

– James

* Yeah, I know you can’t have an apostrophe in a URL; it’s just an example, lighten up! I’ve had a long week.5