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The Talisman
by Stephen King
Published in 1984 (I finished it on December 03, 2013)
A neighbor recommended this book. I went along with his suggestion because we usually agree on a lot of novels. However, this time was the exception to the rule. I also noticed that it was another Peter Schwab/Stephen King novel and the last one I read by that duo was “Black House,” which I also didn’t really care for all that much. Since I usually enjoy Stephen King novels, I have a feeling that maybe it’s the first half of that writing team that is the problem.

It’s not that the book is awful.The characters are creative and believable.The problem is mainly that they come off as stock Stephen King archetypal characters. The good guys are really good. The bad guys are really bad, And there’s really not a lot in between. And all this makes for rather uninteresting reading.

Granted, it may be that I’ve read these kinds of stories before, yet, I don’t know.I t just wasn’t an adventure that I ever got sucked into. I never thought the hero would not finish his journey and succeed with flying colors. I went along with it because I had purchased the audiobook and it was far too much money to just drop. If it had been a printed edition, I don’t think I would’ve finished it.

And I do enjoy most Stephen King novels, with the most recent ones being “Under the Dome” and “11/22/63” –two outstanding works.

So I guess I’ll try again.