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Morning Star
by Pierce Brown
Published in 2016 (I finished it on March 28, 2017)

Well, if a book only takes me a few weeks to read—and it’s over 500 pages, then I suppose it’s safe to say it’s pretty good. Like the first two in the series, it’s entertaining. I have to say it can be rather campy and “made for a Hollywood movie” at times, but again, it’s fun to read and concludes the series well—despite having a few predictable “yeah, we’ve seen this parlor trick before” elements. Since it’s part three, there’s really no way to read it without having read the first two books.

Again, it’s pure entertainment. There’s nothing to really ponder or reflect on later. Any platitudes or moralities are essentially common sense or too contrived to be poignant.

Nevertheless, a fun read.