Book Reviews

So many books (you know the rest)

by Joshua Levine
Published in 2017 (I finished it on April 01, 2018)

Dunkirk is a story I’d heard repeated times over the years. Study enough WWII history and it appears frequently. In cinema, it was done quite nicely in “Atonement.” But until recently, I doubt John Q. (American) Public had a full idea of what took place many decades ago in northern France.

That’s changed thanks to Nolan’s movie. Since I’d seen the movie and knew a bit about the history, I figured the book would essentially be just more details and stories to fill in the blanks.

And that’s pretty much what it was for me. It’s not a bad thing, however. It’s great to learn more information and get the individual stories as told by many. One of the biggest elements was the observance that each solider, sailor, airman, or civilian experienced it all in unique and personal ways. The book really brings this about. It reminded me of Dickens and the whole “best of times / worst of times” opening. That some saw it as organized or containing the best of human nature and some found it to be the complete opposite.

So I would say it’s a good novel if you’re eager to know more details about the evacuation. Otherwise, it might get a little dull for those not highly interested in such information.