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The Perfect Nazi
by Martin Davidson
Published in 2010 (I finished it on June 21, 2018)

How does an entirely civilized country devolve into a nation of mass murderers? Well, it takes some time.

This book covers the research into the author’s grandfather, Bruno, who had an unbeknownst past as a rather active Nazi. But the research also covers and examines the country as it recovers from WWI and searches for reasons why it lost a war that started out going so well. Reasons that grow into accusations and then atrocities.

It’s a fast read and while some parts were already known to me, other parts were surprising. I would strongly recommend it for anyone deeply curious about WWII or how that Party became so powerful. Sadly, it’s also an example of somewhat essentially getting away with murder and his part in mass murder. One of many people, I’m sure. Though at some point, I guess the world just had to stop the vengeance (and justice) executions and simply move forward¬ówith many of the guilty effectively getting away with their crimes.