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Brideshead Revisited
by Evelyn Waugh
Published in 1945 (I finished it on April 12, 2019)

I don’t mind movies and books being different, but in this case it’s quite striking. I found the movie (2008 version) to be quite well done and entertaining, so I expected the same from the novel.

It’s not.

But is it bad?

It’s…just so different. The novel is a journey of Charles and his wife, with his relationships along the way. There’s basically no real plot—a lot of themes though. The characters are thoroughly developed. Most of them have serious issues and many cannot overcome their problems. Kind of sad really, but life is like that for some people.

I’m not sure if it’s a book I’ll remember greatly over time; however, the sea crossing is certainly poignant, and the death of the reluctant father.

While I’m glad to have read it, it’s not one I would ever read again.