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So many books (you know the rest)

by William Shakespeare
Published in 1600 (I finished it on March 20, 2004)
“Words, words, words.”

That’s what Halmet says. He also rambles on about death and remembrance. Studying the play for a college class gave new meaning to everything. One valid argument was the “To Be or Not To Be” speech was not a sincere reflection of Hamlet’s depression, but clever words to throw off the suspicions of those he knew were spying on him. It’s certainly a notable stance once the issue has been explored and does change the meaning of the passage. I would suggest that any English major be adaquately versed in Shakespeare, and what better place to start than Hamlet? I rate it an 8 for the poetic creativity in the writing and the well-structured plot. A Shakespeare play doesn’t automatically suggest a 10 every time, but this one is pretty darn good.