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A Tale of Two Cities
by Charles Dickens
Published in 1859 (I finished it on February 13, 2006)
I’m not a person that goes around saying, “This is so fabulous!” or “It’s amazing!” But in this case, it is fabulous it is and amazing. If you’re looking for suspense, drama, action, a love story then look no further. It’s all here. Sure, there are a few slower chapters, especially towards the beginning, but once it takes off, it soars. I even went back and reread sections just so I could say, “Oh yeah! That’s right!” He was a master of his craft by “Tale” and it shows. Along with the entertaining aspects, the social commentary is strong in this one, whereas I was constantly saying to myself that some things just never change. Also, the displays of divine love are evident and my eyes “sweated” more than once. I recommend this one to all. Everyone should know what happens beyond the “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”