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The Aeneid
by Virgil
Published in 20 (I finished it on May 18, 2006)
Many will have never heard of this book. Until college Mythology, I certainly never had. Only three of its Books (chapters) were requried for class, but since I now had the thing sitting around, I decided to finish it. Written around 40BC, it’s a little slow at times, but finally picks up about halfway through and continues strongly until the end. While you won’t find any movies about the novel, the battle scenes are great and the characters really come alive. Written almost a thousand years after Homer’s epics, Virgil seamlessly continues the stories of what happened after the fall of Troy. Well, that’s in there too. You’ll also meet Camilla, the Amazon-like warrior who joins Turnus in the climactic final battle. Oh, and who can forget the love story between Aenius and Dido. Yeah, he broke her heart, but wait and see what she ends up doing.