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A Room of One's Own
by Virginia Woolf
Published in 1929 (I finished it on August 01, 2008)
When I first acquired this book, it wasn’t for any college class. I just wanted to read it — to know what it was about. A friend at school told me she had the book and offered to loan it to me. I accepted. So I had the book for about half a year and never even opened it. Then I was in another grad class and the book which required. So I picked up another copy. You see I wanted to get the edition that we were reading in class. It was cheap, though maybe $10. But the problem was we had to read the book in a week and I had four other classes. There was just no way. So I dropped the class, but kept the book. And several months later I finally read it.

My thoughts?

It’s pretty good. I wouldn’t really call it a feminist book. Certainly, she wanted equality, but moreover, she simply wanted women to write moreĀ—or to be published more. Obviously, it’s a moot point for early history, but it did apply to the early 20th century, and likewise, the present. Still, a lot of it didn’t apply directly to me, though I do like a book that takes me to a different time and place. So, while I’m glad I read it, it’s probably not something I would read again — for fun at least.