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A Separate Peace
by John Knowles
Published in 1959 (I finished it on June 15, 2010)
I think I read it in high school or junior high. Truth be told, I can’t remember a thing from before, except there was a tree or something.

But I knew it was part of the cannon for a good reason. I also had a strong desire to read it (again?). I ordered the audio version so I could listen to it while running, which I did.

And before bed. And in the afternoon. And while driving.

The book was what I want every book to be: addicting. I don’t remember getting anything out of it before—not surprising since I didn’t recall even reading it for sure. This time was different. This time I discovered compelling characters, characters who held such deep meaning in a pivotal time in life. I found it easy to identify symbols, themes, and motifs, both about the War and other events in life. As well, it can be just enjoyed as a good book.

Mind you—it’s tragic. There’s a war going on. Still, I suppose life can often be tragic with or without a war. It’s only the placement of the enemy that changes.

It’s worth rereading. Alas, it’s almost nonsensical to read it during adolescence. Life experience is necessary to make meaning of all the twisted and impending events.

Though I imagine that’s true of most novels.