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The Jungle
by Upton Sinclair
Published in 1906 (I finished it on October 01, 2010)

Anyone who complains a lot about his or her job a lot needs to read this novel. The immigrant in America around the turn of the century had a horrendous road ahead of him-especially if he worked in the meat-packing industry. The author intended to enlighten readers on the workers’ plight and the health issues of the meat, but many simply focused on the latter problem. Regardless, change did come and we’re much better off today. It’s one novel that should remain required reading. A nice concept is the quote about using everything from the hog except the squeal. You can take away everything a man has, but trying to silence his voice is altogether another issue.

Granted, the socialistic ending is a little queer, but doesn’t kill what’s a shocking and enlightening experience.