So many little time!

Would you believe that before the year 2000, I had never been out of the country. In fact, I'd never even hit Mexico or Canada. Granted, I had visited Imperial Beach, just north of Tijuana, and that's pretty close to the border! But that's it. It all changed in 2000, when my friend and I visited Italy. Mainly, it was our stopover in London that really opened my eyes to the wondrous sights of the world. I then vowed to return...and I have.

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London in May - May, 2018
We have to go back! And back we went.
Seattle in March - Mar, 2018
A weekend up in Seattle
Seattle 2017 Summer - Aug, 2017
A full week in Bellevue. It was nice to get away.
Seattle 2017 Spring - May, 2017
Back to Seattle for Memorial Day Weekend
Europe, 2016 - Aug, 2016
18 days in Europe and a maiden voyage to Finland.
Victoria, Canada - Jun, 2016
Heading back to Canada. Oh, Canada!
Northern Europe Once More - Apr, 2015
Two new countries, and two old ones. It's so nice to be back across the pond.
Seattle 2014 Fall - Nov, 2014
Back for NFL football and to see some of the autumn colors.
Charleston - Oct, 2014
Charleston ... that's in ... SOUTH Carolina. Well, I had a 50/50 shot.
Summer Trip to Seattle - Aug, 2014
It's time I saw that famous waterfall.
Spring Trip to Seattle - May, 2014
What's a Memorial Day without being in Seattle?
Condo Hunting Trip in Seattle - Feb, 2014
A weekend trip to hunt for a condo and take some photos.
New York City - Dec, 2013
Finally, I make it over to The Big Apple.
Seattle and the Big Game - Sep, 2013
It would be the game of the season! It just wasn't played that way by both teams.
Seattle Memorial Day - May, 2013
It's my fifth time in Seattle. I'm starting to recognize coffee shops.
Paradise Regained - May, 2013
I'm back. Let's start drinking! Okay, that was too much. Let's spend half the day recovering. Okay, now...oh, it's time to go home again.
Seattle Spring - Mar, 2013
Back for my fourth time. What to do, what to do.
Seattle Mist - May, 2012
Turns out that there are many fun things to do in Seattle. I highly recommend them all. But if you're short on time, then see half of them.
Oh, Canada! - Mar, 2012
Vancouver sounded so cool. And it was. Sure, it was cold, but I almost didn't mind.
Taipei and Asia - Dec, 2010
Well, my friends were still over there. I had to return. This time, I was able to catch Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, and of course more Taiwan.
Taipei Found - Dec, 2009
Ah, a visit to the Far East, or the Far West since I was heading West from California.The food was great over there.
Central Europe - Mar, 2009
Finally, something new. I saw Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, and Switzerland.
Return to London - Dec, 2003
The tickets were $312 per person for round trip to London. Yeah, we had to go back.
Study Abroad - London - Sep, 2002
I was so enthralled by London, I signed up to study abroad. Sure, it was crazy expensive, but highly worth it. I still have dreams about it (good ones) to this day.
Kauai Explored - Apr, 2001
My first visit to the tropical paradise entitled Hawaii.
Italy Discovered - Nov, 2000
My first trip outside the US. I covered Italy and England.