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  • Nov 02, 2000 - Leaving SFO
  • Nov 03, 2000 - England - FIRST TIME!
  • Nov 03, 2000 - Rome - Day 1
  • Nov 04, 2000 - Rome - Day 2
  • Nov 07, 2000 - Rome - Day 3 and Venice
  • Nov 07, 2000 - Venice and Rome
  • Nov 08, 2000 - Back to California
  • Nov 02, 2000

    San Francisco

    11/02/00 6PM (PST) - We Prepare to Depart

    My writing begins at the airport. We arrived after an easy commute in. Unfortunately our driver, Lesly, won't be facing a nice commute home.

    11/03/00 12 AM - Leaving on a Jet Plane

    My watch is still set on California time. I may adjust it later, but for now it's nice to know how long it's been since we left.

    The flight has been nice. We found our seats to be smaller than we expected. Well at least I did. Misty said she expected it.

    Take off was smooth and we were offered drinks right away. We then got to watch our first movie. It was actually my first in-flight movie ever. I've just never taken an airline flight so far or long before. Our food for dinner was served and was pretty tasty. I chose the beef and Misty had the chicken. It even came with little chocolate squares! Misty gave me hers. It was difficult to eat in such a cramped condition, but we managed okay. I found that the experience to be rather "neat." I guess it's routine to most airline passengers that often travel the ambivalent skies, but since I rarely do, I can still find it neat. After dinner, we watched more of the movie, and I drank some wine. The movie was the X-Men, by the way. I'd seen it, but it was new for Misty. Afterwards, some TV show reruns played, and I watched them.

    Before long, it was after eleven. I had toyed with the idea of taking my notebook along so I could pass some flight time playing a game, but the notebook didn't seem like a wise thing to bring. However, since my extra camera memory card didn't arrive in time, I knew the computer was coming with me to transfer files. I almost brought the game but sensed a strong disapproval from Misty, so I left it behind.

    It was a wise thing to do. Now I'd be forced to read more, and that's what I did. One of the books I brought with me was Tuesday's with Morrie. It seems to be a good fit for the trip since it deals with really enjoying life and makes you really appreciate each day you have. Is today the day, little bird?

    It's now after 12:15. I really can't sleep. It would be my normal bed time, but there's just too much anticipation. I'm sure we're over the east coast right now about to head over the Atlantic Ocean. This is about as far east as I've ever been.

    I wish I were next to the window. I'd love so much to see England come into view as we get closer. Sure it's only 12:15am on my watch, but time zones are being crossed and we'll be in England around noon or so.