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  • Mar 09, 2013 - The Trip Back
  • Mar 09, 2013

    I actually didn’t blog much on this trip, but I’ll sum things up.

    Saturday was a tremendously busy day. I took the early flight to Seattle, leaving around 6am, meaning I had to wake up around 4am. Trying to fit a ton of things in after a morning like that is not an easy task. It would take two more episodes of this to convince me that a little extra cash is worth it to arrive on a Friday night. I’m fairly certain I won’t make that mistake again.

    Fairly certain.

    I probably will.

    But Saturday had us first going to the bakery for sweets. Seattle loves them some tasty food. The place must always have a line, sometimes out the door. It’s just got some decadent choices. Too many choices in fact. I think it severely slows down the line. No way to decide fast.

    In the afternoon, we headed out for some hiking. The trails were a bit muddy, but we persevered and reached some amazing waterfalls. At that point, we headed back again.

    In town, we stopped at a tiny Thai food place. I mean it was small. My bedroom in England was almost as big as this place (and I lived in a very small room for that semester). But the food was great and that’s why we were dining there. Hard to beat great food.

    Back at home, I had a quick nap. I had a headache from something, maybe lack of sleep or water. Who knows.

    When I woke up, our friends were over and it was time to head out for a night of pubbing. It was tough at first, but the cold air got my head clear again and I was having a great time in no time. We visited about three places and each one had some unique character. One was even a pub in a bicycle repair shop.

    After the pub crawl, we drove home, but first stopped at Dick’s Burgers, where the others got some food. I wasn’t really hungry at that point.

    Then we got in the car and I smelled the savory aroma of burgers, shakes, and fries.

    Then I was hungry!

    On Sunday, we headed out to the Puget Locks, where we learned (well, I did at least) a lot about how locks work. I had only really come across them in a Dickens novel (Our Mutual Friend) where characters were fighting around them and apparently, locks are dangerous places to fight in the winter time.

    For dinner, we had some great Vietnamese food. I think the others had ice cream, but I was still full from the night before, so I passed on that.

    When Monday came, it was way too early, but at 4am, I got up. Terry gave me a ride to the airport and I caught a plane home. I went to work directly.

    Yeah, those kinds of days are tiring.