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  • May 26, 2012 - Back to Seattle
  • May 26, 2012

    Since I didn’t really keep a diary during this trip to Seattle, I don’t remember everything, but I’ll recall some quick notes...

    The weather was much better than my trip in March. It was now t-shirt weather (at least for a spell). For me, warmer is always better.

    I arranged my flights to ensure I missed as little work as possible. Thus, I flew up there on a Saturday morning. That was I could spend the whole day with friends. On the following Tuesday morning, took the earliest flight possible home. I then drove essentially straight to work. When one isn’t given vacation, one is hesitant to take vacation.

    So, as for some of the activities I did:

    Seattle Space/Air Museum.  Here, I got to walk onboard the Concorde, which was cool, to say the least. It’s also pretty cramped inside. It’s funny that people would pay so much money just for speed. There wasn’t much more leg room on that jet. But it was fast; I give it that. I also went on the Air Force One plane that Kennedy, Nixon, and Johnson each rode. The vessel is full of “high-tech” things like electric typewriters and rotary dial phones. My, how things have changed.

    King Tut Exhibit. This is interesting,’s still worth doing, and I imagine the more of its history that you study ahead of time, the more enriched yours experience is going to be. While I didn’t regret it, it wasn’t exactly like my first time staring up at the Eiffel Tower either.

    Science Exhibit. These were the other things going on. Most were interesting and fun. I found out that I am still partially colorblind--it’s nice to get reaffirmation on occasion. I also found out that I can still do a chin-up for a minute. Good to know.

    Space Needle. I didn’t get to try that one...yet. I want to ascend it at the perfect hour with the perfect weather. I was to see (and photograph) the sun descending over the west.

    Hot Pot. We had a great hot pot meal, which I always love. It’s the only time when I have great trouble stopping eating. I do manage to stop...after a long time and effort.

    Pike’s Market. This was a neat area to visit with some very tasty food. My favorite was the fresh-made little donuts. I also got to see the first Starbucks. I didn’t try any. There was a long line, and I loathe spending time in long lines just for a cup of coffee. Did that in Vancouver. So overrated.

    Waterfall Trip. I love nature-like stuff. We visited a great waterfall, although I forget the name. I think it was an Indian name because it’s hard to remember and has numerous vowels. I did manage to shoot in RAW for some of them. Wise choice.

    Underground Seattle Tour. Anyone visiting Seattle should experience this tour. It’s informative and funny. We had a cute tour guide and she kept us laughing throughout. Most don’t even seem to know Seattle has an underground, but it’s there, complete with old wood, stones, and sewage pipes.