TV and Film

"The camera adds ten pounds!" "How many cameras were on you?!?"

Extra Work for Television

I Almost Got Away with It: I Got a Bad Temper – I had some great face time in this episode, as did my brother. In fact, people would email for a while and say, “I just saw you on TV!” We were police and took down the bad guy, complete with shotguns et al.

I Almost Got Away with It: Something about a bad guy in Oklahoma (August 5, 2011) – I don’t know the episode name. I was a drug dealer and a sold the bad guy a bag of some white powder. The bag was huge though and the wad of cash pretty small. Something tells me either the powder could not have been real, or the drug dealer was not too bright.

I Faked My Own Death – May, 2011. A guy crashes his plane and fakes his death. Took place on Treasure Island where were we police scanning the landscape of “Florida” for clues.

Trauma – I think it was cancelled before the episode even aired. But I might be on the DVD. I don’t know for sure. It just didn’t seem like a show I would want to watch. I did have fun playing an FBI agent in Oakland though. We looked legit, and the scenes did too. We pretty much had to tell people we were not real law enforcement. Well, we could have lied, but one could also go to jail for that. Felt nice to be “The Authority” though.

World’s Astonishing News – Watson and Edison – We shot at Notre Dame in Atherton. Great location and a fun shoot. I had a few lines, but I’m sure they were dubbed in Japanese as it only airs in Japan.

World’s Astonishing News – Detective A – I’ve no clue what this episode was titled. We rescued some lady who was a daughter or suspect or victim, or something. It shot near Petaluma and in the middle of a hot, hot summer.

World’s Astonishing News – The Hospital – That’s not the official name, but it took place at some old hospital in SF, where it was a little bit on the uneasy side, just the way the place felt, like an asylum or something.

World’s Astonishing News – Berkeley. I played a lab professor and student. We did get to hang out at the university and it was a terrific day of shooting.

First Gig! I believe it was back in the day, when I saw a flyer during acting class and got a moment on screen in a SF TV show.  I’d never seen the show before, but I spent the day in the pouring rain of San Francisco. I forget the episode, but there’s a scene out there somewhere, in which I can be seen leaving a basketball court and carrying a basketball (in the pouring rain).

Extra Work for Film

American Fighter – Wow! My first movie shoot in almost 15 years. Hard to believe I hadn’t been on a movie set that long, though television shoots are not that much different. It was grand fun, and I got to work with my brother and dad. Good times, though I’ve no idea when the movie will come out.

The Matrix II – They paid us to sit in cars and drive around a fake two-mile freeway all day. Not bad work, though we had to keep our windows rolled up. And the car I was driving had tinted windows! So, if you watch the movie and happen to notice a silver car with dark windows, that’s ME in there! (And it’s not even my car.)

Commercial Work

Volkswagen Car Commercial – 20 minutes of actual work. Seven hours of sitting around and waiting. That’s an average day for an extra. But they did feed us nicely. Can’t argue with that. I’ve never seen the commercial either. It has a yellow VW and it’s about a fairy tale. The Oakland Colosseum can be seen in the distance. The only really big thing I have to remind me of that day is sunspots from sitting around in the sun for seven hours. I had an awful burn from that event and had to be on camera that night for a community television show.

How Can You Be Sure – My first big car commercial. It was for PDR productions and Steven’s Creek Nissan. I played a nerdy guy with a magnifying glass that went around inspecting cars for perfection. I had a great time doing it and the pay was about $300 for a couple hours of work.

Bad Credit 97 – Another car commercial for PDR Productions. This was for Leemer’s Auto in Concord. I played an annoying neighbor who keeps reminding someone about their bad credit. But happy day, in the end, the guy got credit to buy a new car — thereby putting him further in debt. Hmmmm. Not sure I agree with the message.