A Brief Overview

Somewhere along the way, I developed a fond love for writing, I’ve had the opportunity to do many various writing projects over the years. Here are some examples.

Important Documents

Other Documents

First and foremost, my master’s thesis is my academic magnum opus. All 100 pages of university writing and requiring almost two years to complete.

In terms of more entertaining and comedic writing, my experience in murder mystery dinner shows has been in creating three different scripts (with a four on the way). This is one example of a scene.

Creative Writing

Title Summary Date Keywords
Be a Modeling Superstar with Options TalentAn almost-inside look at a talent search agency. May 16, 2002humor, nonfiction
The Kneel Felt Around the NationKaapernick and the never-ending kneeling controversy. March 27, 2017politics, sports, nonfiction
Apparently, They Are Tall After AllFinally, some facts and figures regarding the myth behind tall leading men in Hollywood (Hint: they’re mostly tall)February 24, 2017hollywood, nonfiction
Dude, Where’s My Office?Thoughts on the different styles of seating arrangements in office environments.January 26, 2017lifestyle, work
They Left? They Really Left!Reactions to Brexit. Analyzing both sides.June 24, 2016politics, brexit, nonfiction
The Art of the ScamThe arduous journey of buying a new Macbook … online. March 26, 2016humor, computers, internet
Heading to the Left: First Class on British AirwaysAn indulgence in returning from London: First Class seating!February 18, 2016nonfiction, travel
The Whole Tooth and Nothing ButThe trials and tribulations of having a tooth removed.January 23, 2016humor, nonfiction, dental
Quicksand and the ButterflyMyths in Non-fiction and the legend of quicksand.February 28, 2015reflective, nonfiction, literature
The Pumpkin Hurl!Exploring a festive holiday near Seattle. September 14, 2013travel, nonfiction, seattle